Jervey’s doctors are extraordinary.

Our staff includes both optometrists and opthalmologists on the same team—and often under the same roof. Whether you need an eye exam, glasses fitting, diagnosis, treatment or even surgery, we have the expert to help you.

Our doctors are also experts at treating you with respect and kindness. We strive to make each patient experience exceptional, through the latest technology and the most attentive care. Whether you’re already a patient or just doctor shopping, how can we help you next?

William H. Ballinger, III

William H.Ballinger, III

William H. Ballinger, Jr.

William H.Ballinger, Jr.

Catherine Bowden


David Bowden


William E. Caldwell

William E.Caldwell

Sulene L. Chi

Sulene L.Chi

Famin Chou


Steven E. Civiletto

Steven E.Civiletto

Mark H. Cook

Mark H.Cook

James W. Culclasure

James W.Culclasure

Adam R. Easterling

Adam R.Easterling

Anthony P. Johnson

Anthony P.Johnson

Christopher B. Myers

Christopher B.Myers

Harold E. Shaw

Harold E.Shaw

Brian W. Shelley

Brian W.Shelley

Donald W. Shelley

Donald W.Shelley

Thomas W. Smith

Thomas W.Smith

Brian A. Welcome

Brian A.Welcome

Andrew A. Wilson

Andrew A.Wilson