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What our patients are saying about us...


This email was received from a patient's Mom:

Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 11:07 AM
Subject: Our experience with your team

Our five year old daughter began having double vision in early 2013. We were extremely anxious as to the cause of this. Our pediatrician referred us to Dr. Johnson at the Jervey Eye Group. We have been so blessed to be under his care.




I would like to thank Dr. Johnson and his staff for always giving such a thorough eye exam to our son. He is a special needs child and his vision problems were addressed as an infant and so now we simply follow-up with annual eye exams.

What we have appreciated most about Jervey Eye Group is the excellent service and eye wear we have purchased at Jervey's Optical Shop. It has been a great convenience to see Dr. Johnson and then be able to stop for new glasses prior to leaving the building. Most important is the excellent service and advice we have received from Jean and the other staff members.



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How much is an eye examination?

The cost of an eye exam depends on the insurance plan that the patient has and what services the doctor provides during the exam. We have a standard fee schedule, but we price all examinations based on the contracted fee schedule. If a patient has no medical or vision insurance, then we will charge the exam based on the discounted Medicare fee schedule.

Does my insurance completely cover the exam?

Very few plans completely cover an exam. Many have a set amount that cover up to a max; most do not cover the refraction. The refraction is considered a “routine” part of the exam and therefore the patient is asked to pay this at the time of service. We participate with VSP, Davis and Blue Choice Vision. Most of these offer a co-pay.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Most patients can be scheduled to come in within two to three weeks for a vision examination. Our policy is to forward a completed triage form to our doctors so they can make a decision as to how soon a patient can be scheduled. We try to schedule patients at the location that is most convenient for them but will offer a different location if the patient is willing to travel.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We highly discourage walk-ins because we schedule by appointment. If patients take the time to call, we will do our best to accommodate their schedule. Very few of our doctors have vacant slots on their schedules and even then, most work from a cancellation list in order to accommodate those patients who asked to be on that list. Of course, we will always triage a walk-in emergency and then do our best to schedule them.

Why does my insurance not cover the refraction?

The refraction, or determination of the refractive state, is the part of the examination excluded by insurance companies. This is the part of the exam where the doctor determines if a patient needs glasses. As this is considered to be routine, most plans do not generally cover it. However, many employers offer separate vision plans and some groups have a vision provision written into the medical coverage. Consult your schedule of benefits or exclusions section for more information.

Why is a glasses prescription good for only a year?

Very few vision providers will recommend that a person hold a prescription for more than a year without having it filled. Generally, if a person is going to purchase a pair of glasses, an up-to-date prescription is preferable. However, we will give a patient a copy of a glasses prescription at any time when requested; we will, however, include actual date that your vision was measured. It is at the discretion of the optical practice whether or not they fill a prescription that is older than a year.

Why do I have to have a yearly eye exam if I wear contacts or glasses?

Not every patient who wears glasses is required to have an eye exam yearly. This decision is based on several factors including ocular history and the presence or absence of other medical/systemic diseases. All patients who wear contact lenses are required to have an eye examination yearly to check eye health, since contacts fit directly on the eye ball. Each physician will discuss a plan for the patient during the examination.