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Purchase contacts from the professionals who make things simple, both in fitting your lenses and in helping you care for your eyes and lenses.

We offer competitive prices on all major contacts, but the real value at Jervey is the expertise that our physicians bring in their understanding of your eyes and how to best care for them. We have gained an unusual expertise in fitting for eyes, and people drive from all over South Carolina and the Southeast to work with Drs. Tommy Smith, Catherine Bowden and William Ballinger III.

We can even help with challenging conditions such as Post-PK fittings and Keratoconus fits. It has been our great pleasure to help those who are practically blind see again.

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Halton Road

William E. Caldwell

William E.Caldwell

James W. Culclasure

James W.Culclasure

Anthony P. Johnson

Anthony P.Johnson

Christopher B. Myers

Christopher B.Myers

Brian W. Shelley

Brian W.Shelley

Thomas W. Smith

Thomas W.Smith

Cross Creek

William H. Ballinger

William H.Ballinger

David Bowden


Famin Chou


Harold E. Shaw

Harold E.Shaw

Donald W. Shelley

Donald W.Shelley

Brian A. Welcome

Brian A.Welcome

Easley Road

William H. Ballinger, III

William H.Ballinger, III

Catherine Bowden


Mark H. Cook

Mark H.Cook


Steven E. Civiletto

Steven E.Civiletto

Adam R. Easterling

Adam R.Easterling

Brands we carry

  • Biomedics
  • C-Vue
  • Clearsight
  • Frequency
  • Clearlab
  • Extreme H2O