Cleaning your Eye Glasses

Back when life and glasses were simpler, cleaning them was an after-thought. They got dirty; you cleaned them. They got scratched (because of how you cleaned them); and you replaced them. Nowadays, the same approach to glasses care will require pauses to cry over the scratches and visits to the bank to take out a loan.

Today’s space-age coatings, low-profile designs, and light-weight materials command special attention. Caring for your Jervey lenses does not require special skills or tools. It does mean following some easy tips.

Just like babies and pets, glasses get cleaner with water. Special cleaners work well; but, assuming you’re not in the middle of the desert (in which case, dirty glasses are not your biggest concern), plain water will work just fine. If possible, put a little dishwashing detergent between your fingers, lather it up, and rub the glasses gently. Presto — you’ve done your glasses a favor.

Now it’s time to dry the lenses. Keep your shirt on! Or at least keep your shirt tail tucked in. It doesn’t matter if it’s silk, tailor-made, and from your personal silkworms. Likewise, don’t use paper towels or tissue paper; their rough fibers will damage your glasses. Don’t use them.

Use a clean, soft, cotton cloth. Soiled fabrics scratch lenses. Microfiber cloths, the kind found in glass-cleaning kits, work well, too.

Fingerprints, oils, splatters, splashes, spills, debris, and drops are part of life. Don’t let them interfere with how you see the rest of it.

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